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Time to enlarge business.

Give monotonous, repeatable work to someone who never gets tired.


Saving time, thanks to the software.

Any activity that is repeatable, that you do day by day, or your employees do, is not worth your time or theirs. All this can be done: better, more efficiently, more accurately and cheaper.

Automation means savings in operating costs combined with an increase in the company's value.

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Data aggregation and analysis

Regardless of the purpose, data is collected for each operation. Proper storage and categorization allows you to discover errors in processes, the greatest threats, the greatest opportunities. Thanks to the appropriate data, we can draw new conclusions. Sometimes these data are impossible to collect in other systems, then we talk about the bridge between systems - integration. Presentation of data depends only on the imagination - whether it is a table, summary or graph. The most important appropriate aggregation of data allows you to check and test completely different approaches in the future, than at the moment of creating a system. This is the most forward-looking solution.

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Automation of information

Automatic communication with the customer before the end of the contract, after the appearance of a new invoice, which is automatically issued in accordance with the agreed contract cycle. Notification of changes, modernizations, upgrades.
Information for employees, new procedures, new documents, and fulfilled goals. One system for full communication on all fronts.

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Safe document workfloww

Documents have rights, access, addition times, and sharing times. They are accepted in a specific place, they must be accepted by specific persons. They have a specific path through departments within the organization. At each step, we can record the changes by whom they were made, keep copies of security. All documents are finally in the right place and will never be missed.

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Customer management

Customer Relationship Management - CRM. Dopasowany do potrzeb firmy, odwzorowujący rzeczywiste procedury obsługi klienta. Każdy kontrahent, każdy adres, każdy kontakt, wszystkie umowy i oferty, etapy realizacji i stopnie ukończenia. Przewidywanie przyszłości w końcu nie jest przypadkiem, a miarodajnymi danymi.

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Knowledge/information repository

A compendium of company knowledge in the form of a set of developed procedures implemented, agreements or protocols. The history of the team's work, contract, contract. Aggregation of all activities and information about them. Secured by different levels of access. Complete knowledge in one place - the end of the search.

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Effective team management

The distribution of works depending on the contract, order or work - depending on the level in the company or functional hierarchy. Accountability of the work performed and the possibility of compilation with financial data. Recording of working time assigned to a specific order. The possibility of better and easier planning of urgent activities as well as long-term goals. The first step on the road to maximum efficiency of the entire company.