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Proste zarządzanie

Simplicity in management and administration

The company and its people should realize the business goals set by the leader. The tools they use should support them at every step.
In the case of an online store, activities such as adding, editing, deleting products. Change in their prices and quantities. Warehouse management. Category and deployment management. And automatic actions like notifications and online payments. Every minute is important.

Udane zamówienie

Easy ordering process

No part of the store is as important as the simple, clear and transparent ordering process.
The customer entering the online store should have a smooth and pleasant experience going to the product he is looking for. Once found, someone should take him to the cash desk, help him to draw the wallet and count money for it. Sit in the waiting room and keep up to date as his dream product approaches.

Udane zamówienie

Efficient and easy contact between the customer and the store

Nothing supports sales like experiencing a product or brand. Steve Jobs knew it perfectly, allowing on every step, in every store, to experience everything related to Apple.
Half of the success lies on the product side, the other on the service side. Effective conversation attaches very much to the brand and supports sales. Builds a bond. Support for contact forms is even less than the standard. Real-time communication is the present.

Przejrzysty układ treści

Attractive appearance

We buy with our eyes. On the same basis, we decide to trust someone. Amazing how the appearance affects our subjective assessment of a given product, service, company or person.
We love to buy beautiful things, in neat conditions, in a pleasant environment. The combination of these two elements, a great store and a perfectly presented product, make that we can not resist.

Płatność kartą płatniczą

Instant, secure payment

The security guarantee in the online store is extremely important. Using the online payment services of well-known operators such as PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, gives many additional advantages.
Immediate payment, and you have money instantly on your account. The customer can immediately buy, spent the money to buy something, at the moment when he decided that he chose your company. Automatic information on the store's website is an amazing time saving. In addition, no employees need access to your company account.
"Game changer" ,in customer service, which is already a standard.

Płatność kartą płatniczą

Enjoyable and easy product search

When we think about searching, it always comes to mind ... search engine, and very rightly.
However, people often do not know what they are looking for until they see it. On the website of the online store, the most important search engine is the category and the possibility of their free browsing.
Customers want to browse, touch, watch products. Get to know the services. Learn about the possibilities. They love to make a choice themselves. Make this fun easy for them.

Pomoc przy wyborze

Recommendations of products and services

A system that helps you choose the right products for your customers. Sometimes complementary, sometimes additional, which may be useful.
Basic recommendations are recommended products, news, products in promotion and related products. Let your store sell as the best seller. It will be helpful and will increase sales.

Pomoc przy wyborze

Notification system - stay in touch

Whether you like it or not, you command your clients wait for their products. Just one day, one hour or one minute.
Each order should be able to be monitored. The customer has entrusted you the money for a product, that is somewhere far away. He wants to know that this money is safe, that someone is involved in it, that someone watches over everything, that the order will arrive on time. That's how trust is built up with every order.

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