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In short, we collecting data that you gave us, and keep them safe.

NTRFB respects your privacy and is opposed to being transparent in terms of the data we collect through various technologies (described in the privacy policy ) as well as communication tools, we have prepared information regarding the processing of data by us.

What data can we collect

Personal information, various types:

  • Personal and contact information - such as first name, last name, company name, e-mail address, telephone number, social network and IM ID numbers, company and mailing details.
  • NTRFB service account ID
  • Profile photos,
  • Posts and information posted on social media,
  • Location
  • If necessary, it also includes ID details, photographs, audio and video recordings and biometrics)

You share most of your data at your own request and by voluntary consent. Dana can come from many sources:

  • Data provided to us via the contact form or other form of communication
  • Through social media and other media that you provide or share with us,
  • Through third-party services that use our solutions,
  • By direct data transfer, outside the network (internet),
  • Also from marketing partners,
  • your friends or related and unrelated people who provide us with such data.

Remember that by providing us with any data, you certify that you have full rights to dispose of this information and allow us to use it in accordance with the information provided and in accordance with applicable law.

Data that we also refer to (more fully described in the privacy policy ):

  • Browser and device data,
  • Data on the use of the page or application
  • Data collected through cookies and similar technologies,
  • IP address,
  • Location data
  • Aggregated, anonymized or non-identifiable data
  • Demographics and preferences and information you provide to us (e.g., language)

Our company and our external service providers can collect data through a browser and cookies and similar technology, through your account on one of our company's services, IP address, geolocation (gps on the device, wifi, mobile network)

Use of data

The data can be used for the purposes of:

  • Delivering our services,
  • Answers to your query,
  • To send you marketing messages that may interest you, e.g. newsletters, according to your preferences in this field,
  • To personalize your communication with you,
  • For the purposes of purchase, payment processing, shipping of goods and related services,
  • For our business purposes, data analysis, customer service monitoring, contract performance, security, developing new products, testing, improving, modifying, identifying trends, determining the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and running and expanding our business,
  • For accounting and financial accounts - including collection of receivables.
  • For information purposes - for example, providing information about changes in our services, policies and policies,

Personal information can be shared:

  • Our authorized supplier and service provider who provide services to us. Including hosting services, data analysis, payment processing, order fulfillment, customer service, delivery of emails and other similar.
  • to third parties for the purpose of allowing them to send you marketing messages in accordance with applicable law and your preferences in this regard,
  • Through you in various forms, chats, pages, blogs and other forms according to your preferences and in accordance with the capabilities provided by our services,
  • Third party for any restructuring or actual restructuring, merger, sale, joint venture, assignment, transfer or other disposal of all or part of the company's resources.
  • According to what we consider necessary, necessary or appropriate, on the basis of applicable laws and regulations. For example, the competent state authorities in the event of a law violation.

External Advertisers

We do not share your personal information with third parties that are not related to your own use for marketing purposes without your consent.

We may use the services of advertisers to use their opportunities for marketing purposes regarding our services that you may be interested in.


NTRFB strives to ensure the security of all stored data. We care about restricting access to data. All transmitted data is encrypted. Systems and databases are secured. Access to data even within the company is granted only in case of absolute necessity.

We also recommend security on your side, including access passwords for services provided by our company and ensuring proper protection of access devices.

Being aware of the importance of all data and the fact that there is no perfect system, please inform us in case of any doubts about the security of your data. The information should be sent through any communication channel - we recommend using the contact form on the Contact page with the note at the top of the "Personal data protection" message.

Manage your personal information

You have the right to inspect your personal information at any time. You also have the option of modifying as well as the option of requesting the deletion of your data that we have. If the law that applies to you or the service does not state otherwise, all data will be deleted as soon as you report.

At the same time, we would like to inform you that the deletion of data may be synonymous with ending the possibility of using the services to which these data pertain.

You can modify the data through the available communication channels, we encourage you to use the contact form with the marking at the top of the message "Personal data" or other form of communication. Due to the sensitivity of the data, we may require additional information to confirm that you are the authorized person for this type of activity.

Storage period

We will store your data for the time necessary to provide specific services or to meet the business objectives set out in this information, as long as it is not required or permitted by law. Unless the law states otherwise, it will continue until your consent to the data processing or removal request is withdrawn.

Use of minors' services

If you think that those who are under the age of the person - who prescribe local laws in your country - can obtain information without your parent's consent, please let us know immediately. We do not collect such data intentionally.

Contact us

Contact is possible via the form in the contact tab and any additional communication channels provided, including phone number, e-mail, and e-mail. We encourage you to use the form and the entry "Personal data protection" - thanks to this information will go straight to the right person and be handled as quickly as possible.

Additional information

We reserve the right to change the above information - not exceeding the above arrangements. In the event of significant changes, we will ask for acceptance of the new policy on the protection of personal data.

We also encourage you to read the privacy policies of our services, which we provide, in which the purpose of data collection and processing is precisely described, as well as contact information in the event of data breaches or changes.